Subject Matter Expert (SME) Certifications

Traditional Academic Ladder

We have been taught that the only way to a successful career is to have successful academic qualifications.  This is extremely true when it comes to securing an entry to a reputable organization.  However, this route is time consuming and does not guarantee job satisfaction in both the students and the employers.  Traditional Academic Ladder begins with students graduating from their secondary education and then decide to choose to embark on a foundation course all the way leading towards a reputable degree.  This route is perfectly normal, but there are factors that influence entry, for example, ‘Minimum Requirement to Enroll for The Course’, ‘Economic Factors’ such as ‘Budget’ and the most important thing, ‘Availability of the Course Within the Country’. 

" ... time consuming and does not guarantee job satisfaction ... "

" ... latest cellular technologies through state-of-the-art training methodologies ... "

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Ladder

An individual with a deep understanding of a particular process, function, technology, machine, material or type of equipment is known as a Subject Matter Expert (SME). The SMEs are highly sought out by the industries to help solve specific problems or to assist in curbing particular challenges.  

Here at Beyond Tomorrow, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey to learn the latest cellular technologies through the state-of-the-art training methodologies and certifications in SME.   

Through SME certification ladder, the four stages signify that a particular standard of skills has been achieved allowing one to perform the assigned jobs based on the level of expectations; starting from Fundamentals leading all the way to Advanced level.   

While the traditional academic ladder does not provide flexibility to achieve ‘Expert’ status, as it is a rigid  platform requiring one to meet certain academic requirement; SME on the other hand gives abundant of flexibility for anyone whom has interest in the Subject Matter to enroll in any of the SME courses to be an ‘Expert’ in a particular domain.

SME cellular courses are catered for those who have interest in Cellular Technologies, such as 3G (WCDMA), 4G (LTE), 5G (NR) and Beyond! 

One may wonder whether SME cellular courses are suitable and beneficial.  The answer is a straight ‘Yes!”  Since the formation of Wawasan Brunei 2035, the Brunei government's plan is to produce top notch experts in Brunei without the dependency of foreign experts.  This then creates a broad spectrum of career opportunities in the Information, Communication Technology (ICT) sectors, thus it is important to begin now. 

4G (LTE) SME Course Framework

Beyond Tomorrow is proud to offer its Subject Matter Expert (SME) course in 4G (LTE). Throughout our SME course, candidates will be provided guidelines to address factors that affect Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE), not only theoretically but in the real world with interference from myriads of radio frequency (RF) equipment in our surrounding. What are the factors to be considered when planning and deploying Long-Term Evolution (LTE) RF Network? How to troubleshoot and resolve accessibility, retainability, mobility and throughput issues? What parameters improve system performances? Real world strategies and approaches to these problems are taught in our courses and will be directly applicable in the industry upon completion of the course.

In short, cellular telecommunication  courses in the market now aims to teach the technology of each generation whereas Beyond Tomorrow's Subject Matter Expert Certification aims to provide real world applicable methodologies to tackling problems faced by cell phone users everyday i.e. dropped calls, clarity in voice calls, slow download and upload speed, slow webpage load times, latency issues with OTT calls (WhatsApp call or Skype call). You could be an expert and equipped with the knowledge to solve these problems and more faced by cellular service providers around the world.