About us

Beyond Tomorrow an ICT organization that strives to provide its clients with multitude of ICT services. Among them are the state-of-the-art training methodologies and certifications which encompass Cellular Communication and WiFi; CCTV technologies, Network Securities as well as Talent Acquisition. We accomplish this by always analyzing each client’s needs and situation by customizing solution catering to our clients.

We constantly maintain close contact with our most important suppliers and vendors. This means a lot and brings value-add to our clients as we are always informed about the latest technological developments therefore enabling us to provide our clients with the best solutions at reasonable price. We work with companies that believe quality is important and have proven themselves in the market.

Our Mission

Beyond Tomorrows' mission goes in line with Brunei Vision 2035 (Wawasan Brunei 2035) as we aim to develop Brunei into a nation recognized for its educated and highly skilled people. Experts who contribute to vital infrastructure developments in Cellular Telecommunication and ICT industry.

Our Team

The CEO / Founder

Ts. Tee Kok Keong is a Professional Technologist conferred by the Malaysia Board of Technologist (MBOT) in the field of Telecommunication and Broadcasting (TB). Ts. Tee has total of almost 20 years of proven professional track record in various telecommunication sectors holding various designation starting from Engineer level to Senior Management level. Ts. Tee possesses excellent technical skills in Radio Access Network for technologies such as WCDMA, LTE and NR (5G). Ts. Tee also has conducted technical training to various organisations based in countries like Saudi Arabia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Malaysia, France as well as Maldives. Ts. Tee's recent achievements include but not limited to being a Technical Specialist providing advice to the mobile operator in Brunei by evaluating new technologies such as 5G and IOT, the roll out of 4G E-UTRAN network in Brunei and the improvement made to the existing 3G UTRAN network in Brunei. Ts. Tee has solid technical knowledge in mobile communication arena namely 3GPP Specifications, 5G RAN, E-UTRAN (LTE), UTRAN (3G), GSM (2G), In-Building Coverage, WLAN Coverage and Optimization (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac). Ts. Tee is also a registered member with ITP (Institution of Telecommunications Professionals), IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) and BEM (Board of Engineers Malaysia).

*Ts. is the prenominal for Professional Technologists

The Sales and Marketing Director

Mr. Reuben Chiew is a Graduate Technologist conferred by the Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT) in the field of Telecommunication and Broadcasting (TB). Mr. Chiew has involved himself in various mobile communication projects involving technologies such as 4G LTE, IoT and IR 4.0. Mr. Chiew is also experienced with Radio Access Network for WCDMA, 3GPP and ITU standards. Mr. Chiew constantly reviews the latest products from telecommunication vendors and has the technical capacity to provide the necessary recommendation and solutions to customers. Mr. Chiew has the technical expertise in designing and implementing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of complex airflow structures and good project management skills; meeting target criteria on a timely manner, thus helping the company save an estimated figure of up to AUD 200,000. Mr. Chiew has also involved himself in hospitality industry providing employee training and development and showcased strong inventory management skills. Mr. Chiew has helped employers by standardizing training procedures and implementing measures to evaluate trainee performances. Mr. Chiew is a registered member with Engineers Australia and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) .