The first and only Arabic Virtual reality platform designed for pain and anxiety management, phobias treatment, rehab, and PTSD.

Clinical studies have shown that VR improves pain tolerance, reduces anxiety levels and helps in patient rehabilitation. It also acts as a form of distraction for children, taking their attention away from the treatment. A study showed children experienced lower pain during vaccination by 45% - 74%.

Virtual reality headset

The Headset features the comfort and hygienic design of an all-PU facial interface, unique counterbalanced design for easy and extended wear with plenty of room for prescription glasses, with best in class 4K resolution, and enterprise functionality: 6 degrees of freedom, occlusion free controllers, and integrated speakers.

Brain scan with VR
Brain scan without VR

Managing pain with Immersive Experience

Immersive virtual environment to shift the person's attention, distracting the brain from pain.

Our custom applications are specifically designed to help patient to relax and cope with unpleasant and painful procedures more efficiently.