Network Securities

Internet Encryption

Protect Your Privacy

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address acts as your personal identification number when browsing the web which could be used to determine your physical location and track your online activities. A VPN routes your internet traffic via an encrypted tunnel to another server, keeping you IP address private.

Protect Your Online Data

Your Internet Service Providers (ISP) track and monitor your internet activities, Government Agencies can demand logs of your browsing history, Hackers can exploit unsecure connections to obtain your information. Secure your connection with military grade AES 256-bit encryption.

Daily Information You Sent and Receive

Passwords and Usernames
Medical Information
Sensitive Documents and Emails
Online Banking and Credit Card Details
Private Conversations

Device Encryption

Data theft is the illegal act of transferring or accessing any confidential or personal information without authorization. How theft occur can be as simple as copying unauthorized data onto a USB drive or as sophisticated as hacking or using malware attacks to extract sensitive information from your device.

To protect against data theft, files stored on storage devices should be encrypted hence would not be legible to culprits without proper authorization. This safeguard your information even in cases where content falls in the wrong hands. Only less than 3% of data breaches were 'Secure Breaches' where files are encrypted, rendering the stolen data useless.

Full Disk Encryption

Automatically encrypts all your content when they are created and stay encrypted even when shared or uploaded to cloud services, preventing data theft. Stop unauthorized file access or theft by as encrypted files remain encrypted even after transferring to USB drive.

Automatic and Transparent

Encrypting, decrypting, and accessing information is simple and won't keep you from your work routine. Within organisation, share and edit encrypted files as with any other files. For external sharing, create password or decrypt file with one click.